Handgun Targets

We build high quality handgun targets designed with the shooter in mind. Polish Plate Racks (approved for USPSA competitions), Wingers, and Peek A Boo's all developed to take the shooter to a new level of shooting, far away from their "Comfort Zone".

Polish Plate Rack

See the PPR in action!

$1250.00 + S&H

Replacement Plates $125.00 Plus S&H
Replacement Springs $45.00 Shipping Included

  • Polish Plate Rack
  • Winger
  • 22 Rimfire Polish Plate Rack
  • Peek-A-Boo Target
  • Auto Reset Target (handgun only)
  • Irish Plate Rack
  • STAR
  • Double Vision
  • BOB
  • Bob With Add on Plates
  • Leo's Leaner
  • Piano Keys
  • Universal Swinger